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Hampton Sitters- the best babysitting secret in the Hamptons

While you may get in on a few closely guarded Hamptons secrets like the beach you can park at without a sticker until July 1 (Gibson Lane in Sagaponack) or the place you can find Manolo Blahniks at great prices (Collettes in Sag Harbor) the one thing Hamptonites won’t share is the number of their favorite local Hamptons babysitter.

If you need a psychic surf instructor, vegan private chef, or deer-resistant garden expert, no problem. A CPR certified babysitter with her own car for a Saturday night… not so much.

Luckily there is a local Hamptons babysitting service with lovely gals raised on the East End which just opened, Hampton Sitters.

Founded by Danielle and Briana Beck, the business is an evolution of their experience and passion for teaching and taking care of children.

Danielle attended college in Manhattan where she mentored underprivileged New York children and also lived abroad in Spain where she became fluent in Spanish. She’s certified as a private trainer.

Briana is studying International Business at St. Joseph’s College and continues to tutor and mentor children of all ages, especially children with special needs.

Even though they are called sitters, sitting is hardly on their agenda. They know all the best activities, fun spots, and events for kids in the Hamptons.

They require their sitters be experienced and CPR certified with background checks and resumes with references. They also have a range of talents in their staff to match the sitter with the family and can adapt to different medical, cultural, or dietary needs.

The service works as a club where you have a membership for either the summer season ($150) or the year ($200) and then can hire your Hamptons Sitter by the hour $23 or day.

Note this is a service for children. Adults acting like children are on their own.

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