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The Creative Curriculum

The Foundation

The Creative Curriculum helps teachers at all levels of experience to build the comprehensive knowledge base necessary for preparing all children to succeed in school-and in life.

Interest Areas

10 classroom interest areas-Blocks, Dramatic Play, Toys and Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand and Water, Music and Movement, Cooking, Technology-as well as the Outdoors.


Teachers have the opportunity to give every child a solid foundation in language and literacy, and inspire children to want to read and write in order to learn. 


Children are eager to explore math and are capable learners of mathematical ideas. Mathematics can and should be part of children's everyday experiences and activities.

Science and Technology, Social Studies & the Arts

Science and technology, social studies, and the arts are concepts that are naturally occurring in any classroom and are fascinating to young children. Research shows how children use the arts and technology to refine their inquiry skills to explore and learn about the world.

Objectives for Development & Learning

In order to lay a solid foundation for children's success, teachers need to know what aspects of development and learning matter most. This is provided based by including the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are most predictive of school success.

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